Monday, 6 July 2009

Reasons to be Cheerful

Am ridiculously thrilled. The Seven Year Itch has been chosen under the romance category of recommended summer reading in Prima Magazine. I have never bought Prima Magazine, but Luke's aunt cut it out and saved it for me. Yeh!

My five year old daughter Belle was ridiculously thrilled to receive some pink Bratz accessories for her hand me down bicycle. I won them in competition run by fellow mummy blogger, Denyse (I have spent at least fifteen minutes trying to tag her blog, but it just keeps not working) I will come back to this. Anyway there was a seat, a hooter with a very annoying blast, a helmet and a bell. Brilliant. Christmas an birthday all over again.

I cried when I read the children's reports. They were so good. Luke spoilt it by saying he was sure everyone got really good reports. The formidable Miss Shaw, reception teacher, said the Belles behaviour was excellent both in the class room and around the school and she was a model for other children. Wish she was the same at home when we are trying to get her dressed in the morning.

On Saturday I was photographed by the Daily Mail along with the family for a piece about why women marry and then I stood dashed to the school fair in full make up to stand by the apple bobbing stall.

Then back home to prepare dinner as the vicar, Bob and his wife were coming along with some parents from belles class and Sam the piano player at church who also happens to be groovy and in a band called the Hoosiers. I'm not sure if Ive spelt that right. I had invited a date for him and then he turned up with his own, which was a bit odd. But anway!!

On Sunday Luke took the children to visit his aunt for the day and I slept, dozed, read, and watched Roddick and Federer. Roddick deserved to win. But then Federer makes it all look effortless.


  1. Wow. I thought my life was hectic! We see N3S's school report on Friday, gulp... Congrats on your mention in Prima, I think loads of people read it, it is always up to date on the shelves of our Co-op, Tescos and the like. Mya it bring you many sales! You know Sam from the Hoosiers? Cool! Our heat wave is over here, we have had high winds, rain and cloud for the past two days...please bow your head and join me in mourning our summer gone by...

  2. Congrats, that's excellent news! I would be thrilled about pink Bratz accessories, too ;-)

  3. Well done on the mention in Prima and the Daily Mail shoot, am sure it will all be very successful for you.

  4. I have an award for you at mine:–-it’s-award-time/


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