Monday, 29 June 2009

Are you Expecting?

The three words you really don't want to be asked if you are not and I'm not. Admittedly I was thinking this morning my stomach looks a bit bloated and hardly surprising, I've been stuffing myself with sausage sandwiches and baked beans on toast around the camping fire. This always happens when I eat too much wheat and that is why I usually avoid it. We went to camp in the garden of my friends inlaws. They live on Glastonbury and we were there for the festival. But really!! The poor woman who serves at the chemist was more embarrassed than I was. She turned a very bright shade of red and then mumbled something about how she was looking.....but didn't really have the heart to finish. I mean what could she say? Where can you go from there? This has happened twice before, once at a party when Belle was four weeks old, and once around the same kind of time, when I was sitting slouched in a bank. And I made the mistake of once asking a friend, who'd recently had a baby, what was her due date. I wrote and apologized and she took it really well. My rule now is never to ask a woman, unless she offers the information, even is she is about to burst!

I walked home in the searing heat and told my neighbour about what had happened in the chemist. He is a man in his fifties who is a cox in a rowing team and weighs just 8 stone 8. About two stone less than me, though I am taller. He says he hardly eats for the rowing season as he has to be a certain weight to compete. He has mango for breakfast and melon for lunch. He told me where to go and buy the Pakistani mangoes in season for just four weeks. That is where I'm heading as soon as Ive picked up the children. Oh God!!!


  1. 1 I think the lady in the chemist is duty bound to ask every woman of child bearing age if she is pregnant, so she can give the right medicine! 2 We all have to learn by embarrassing experience never to ask this question socially! Did it once to the bride at a wedding! (I was right by the way).

  2. Actually I was buying some cotton wool!

  3. Haha. I can't believe you are actually going on a fad diet. Attempted it a few times (when I was young and had the illusion of being tough enough). I never made it past lunch. Let me know how it goes and: good luck with the mangoes!

  4. No MM I'm not, actually my tummy has no deflated - I basically can't eat wheat and ate alot of it at the weekend, but the Mangoes are delicious. They are from Pakistan and only in season for about 4 weeks.


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