Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Giving Birth

I wrote an article for the Daily Express about the horrors of giving birth to my two children and it came out yesterday: My birth stories
Actually they have cut some of what I wrote and it doesn't quite cover the absolute horror and fear of that time.

I know of a woman who just had time to take a painkiller before she gave birth and the baby popped out really easily.

What are you experiences like? I went to a yoga prenatal class where those who had given birth would come back with their newborn babies and regale us with the experience of giving birth. I don't remember anyone returning who had had a lovely easy time. There is always the woman with the painkiller, but she is the only one I know of.

If you happen to read Vogue, there is an article (August Issue) on climate activists. There is a huge photograph of our group Wecan and we are really pleased with the story.


  1. Bleugh. Bleugh. And again: bleugh. My birth experience was so awful, it might have put me off having a number 2. After hours and hours and hours of pain (and pointless discussions with a rubbish midwife), I ended with an emergency c-section. If there should ever be a baby number 2, I will definitely opt for a planned section.

  2. Just clicked on the birth stories link but it doesn't seem to might just be me though!! Am always having technical problems! Birth, labour...crikey, don't get me started!! I had a hideous 36-hour back labour with my first child; two epidurals which didn't work, ventouse and an episiotomy. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I really thought I wouldn't be able to go through it again and when I did get pregnant for the second time I was petrified and spent 9 months traumatised by the thought of giving birth again. Second time was much easier, but not without pain!!! I'd be interested to read about yours if only I could open that link!!

  3. Hi Kate
    If you let me have info on your WECAN events, I will run a post on for you. You can email copy over to me at
    My kids births were not that horrific, but I was really lucky to have smallish babys,the biggest being 6lb 1oz and she was born in water.

  4. So sorry to hear about your birth experiences MT and MM. MT I've just tried the link and it seemed to work. Otherwise go to Express online and press health or kate Morris. The story is about my two post partum hemorrages. I knnow I've spelt that wrong.

    Thank you B...Yes I will do that. We are running a film competition, I think the details are on the Wecan website, otherwise will post them to you. xxx

  5. I can't get the link to work either!

    I've had very easy pregnancies and terrible attempts at giving birth.

    First was induced (14 days late, and counting). 30 hours of labour. Every labour speeding up drug under the sun. Signing consent forms for emergency C-Section when he decided to arrive. Placenta didn't. First Dr. couldn't get it out. Neither could second. Finally did. Horrific infections. In hospital for a week to sort out. Only person I know who left hospital having given birth half a stone lighter than my PRE pregnancy weight. Infection would come back every now and then (v. high temp, 40C high type temp) for about 6 months. Have plenty to say about some of the Drs. dealing with the infection...

    No. 2 - came out facing the wrong way, in a lot of distress, with ventoose, after a 17 hour labour. Needed all sorts of consultants. Placenta, again, stuck, but came out without too much intervention this time.

    Neither stress free. We are thinking of maybe having a third but given how much help I've needed, there is no way we are going to do that in a Bosnian hospital so we'll have to see what the situation is when we get back.

  6. Bosnia Fraught Mummy I must find out why you live in Bosnia. Also sorry that you can't open the link, I'm not sure why. Yes it sounds as if you should come home for the third. You're braver than I am. After two pos- partum hemorhages, I decided never again.

  7. Euww, even after all this time I can't quite bring myself to remember all the grisly details of my two births ....just recall thinking 'I'm never doing that again,' after number 2, which did cheer me up. Both like car crashes.

  8. I haven't been brave enough to blog my birth stories yet. First was traumatic, second (363 days later) was lovely by comparison!
    Please could you redo the link, I couldn't see it either :-)

  9. Blimey Kate, your stories filled me with horror, partly because a similar thing happened to me although I didn't need blood transfusions. I was induced and bled both times afterwards and retained placenta. I remember a clot falling out the size of a clutch bag, never mind a 50 pence piece. Shiver.

    Brilliantly written and very moving.


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