Monday 20 June 2011

Book Launches and Girls in Red Dresses

This is the cover of my book, Seven Days One Summer, which is coming out on the 7th July!   At first I didn't like the headless woman, but I've got used to her now.  In fact I've grown rather fond of the lady in the Red Dress. So far there is a great review in Tatler magazine, which described Seven Days, as the ultimate summer read. Right now, I'm dithering around wondering whether to have a book launch. I don't want to spend a fortune as I'm not getting a contribution from the publishers. 

Friday 10 June 2011

Seven Days One Summer

This is us almost exactly a year ago on holiday in Connemarra in Ireland - We'd just climbed to the top of Diamond Mountain, which took two to three hours. I love my husband's holiday beard! Can't wait to be wild and free again,  hair blowing, children a bit feral. 

My novel, Seven Days One Summer is out on July 7th but you can preorder on Amazon. Please do. It's a story set in a villa in Italy and it's a good read. I promise. It's the story of friendship, betrayal, unrequited love and ends with a mind-blowing revelation.  Slightly excited, slightly apprehensive. Can't decide whether to have a book launch.  

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