Wednesday 29 February 2012

Giving Up Everything

It's a difficult week. I am on day 4 of not smoking. I had a few false starts, having announced I would give up for Lent and failing spectacularly. But I've managed the last 3 nights, (my weak moment is at 9 o clock, when the children go to bed.)   I have eaten sweets and popcorn to get through it and put on weight. So am now back on the Dukan Diet. So I was cooking cod with grated ginger and lemon at 11 o clock this morning because I couldn't wait until lunch time. I managed all day until I got home at 4 and gave my son a doughnut and took a giant bite of one myself. Then I had half a Penguin and two oatcakes with low fat cheese. Thus cancelling out everything I had tried to do. So not only am I not smoking or eating much, but I am also not allowed hot baths, (my true solace) because I am wearing support stockings (which have to be worn day and night for 14 nights) as I am having some thread veins treated.  I've been through this twice before and I can tell you it's not fun. 

I feel strange, and weird without my crutches. Help? Someone? Anyone?

Saturday 18 February 2012

The Big Switch

This morning, I was waiting in the car, while my son played football. It was cold and windy and I was worrying that he wasn't wearing enough clothes. I switched on the radio, and listened to Money Box live on radio 4. There was a man on from Which talking about a brilliant scheme to which so far, 57,000 people have joined (and which was originally trialled in Denmark) - the aim is to find the best deal from energy suppliers for a big group of the public who want better deals for gas and electricity, the more people who join, the better the potential deal. There is no obligation to commit, if you decide to sign up. So I urge you to give it a go.  (I have) the more of us do, the better the deal from potential supplier.

This is what Which say about the deal:

What is the Which? Big Switch?

Which? and 38 Degrees are calling on consumers to join together to cut energy bills. Using a completely new way for people to buy energy, we’ll be using the combined switching power of thousands of consumers. We’ll negotiate with energy suppliers and seek to secure a market leading deal. The more people who sign up, the stronger our bargaining power.

Once we’ve secured a deal, we’ll notify you of the outcome either via email and/or text message and you can choose whether or not to accept it. There’s no commitment or obligation to sign-up with the new supplier, so if you decide to stay with your existing energy company, that’s absolutely fine too.

Join The Big Which? Switch today and be part of our campaign to cut your energy bills. Register before 31 March 2012.
In partnership with 38 Degrees.

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