Thursday 13 January 2011

On a Snowy hill that looked like a scene from Narnia, I crashed into a Tree!

On Christmas Eve we went tobogoning (still can't spell that word) and I crashed into a tree with a huge thud on my right thigh. I lay there for a moment, unable to get up and wondering if if was broken. I broke it once before aged 16 in a car crash. I hobbled back to my room and went to bed with a painkiller. But when it was time to get up, I couldn't walk.  It's hard to describe pain, but when I accidently knocked the top of my thigh the agony was unbearable and shards of pain went shooting through me. I began to cry and my 9 year old son who was with me, burst into tears.  I sat on a chair, unable to move forward or back. An ambulance was called and the drivers gave me gas and air which momentarily dulled the pain but not enough to get up from the chair. After two hefty doses of morphine,  they managed to carry me to the ambulance, while I tried not to throw up. The nurses were in festive mood, covered in toy antlers and coiled with glitter. Thankfully nothing broken but a huge hematoma (like internal bruising) and three weeks later, I'm still limping. It hurts at night and some nights more than others. It hurts in the day and going downstairs. In fact now both knees hurt going downstairs. The whole incident makes me feel so old. I was just trying to have fun with the children, but am too heavy and not lithe enough.

Today my lovely friend STAR gave me acupuncture and tomorrow will have a bit of physio, got to remember to be pleased that my femur isn't broken again. Last time was in hospital for three months! 

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