Tuesday 30 November 2010

Boggle Flash - Genius Christmas Present

I was sent a boggle flash to review and when it arrived we played it and all became addicted. Literally. You have to make words out of the five  letters that appear on the cubes and do it against the clock. The letters change every time you reset it and play again. The boggle works out how many words you managed to make and how many you could have possibly thought of.  It's really clever as you can't just play once and it appeals to all ages. It says 8± on the box but my six year old daughter loves it.  You can play together or alone.  We took it out to a pub lunch the next day and soon my 9 year old son had a small crowd of children looking over his shoulder all waiting for a go and helping him out. 

 Its a genius present: It retails at £24.99 but you can find it on amazon, which I have linked above for £10 less. 

Tuesday 9 November 2010

An extra hour of sunshine please

I am supporting Lighter Later, a campaign to trial double summer time. There will be a vote on December 3rd in Parliament and they need as many MP's as possible to vote yes. If you go to their website you can find information to help you lobby your MP. 

Personally I can't bear these dark afternoons and think of all the energy that could be saved if we had an extra hour of light. A trial of double summer time is supported by many motoring organizations including the AA, as trials have shown there are fewer road accidents when there is daylight for longer in the evenings.

Ok, so the school run maybe a bit darker in the mornings, but at least it won't be shutdown, staying in to play when they get out at 330. 

So go on lets brings some light into our lives. 

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