Thursday 21 October 2010

Give Away

Very exciting to actually win something in a blog competition. Thank you Metropolitan Mum I am waiting breathlessly for my bed of nails to arrive, which will massage and comfort by back.  I really can't wait.

In the meantime slightly less exciting, but still free, and very useful if you have school age children and get those pesky little letters in the book bags, warning you that someone in your childs class has nits.  I am giving away 20 bottles of 100ml Vosene nit repellent shampoo - closes as soon as we reach 20 names or by the 28th October - UK only.   I've tried the spray deterrent on my daughter and it really smells  good. The first twenty to become a follower (don't bother if you are already a follower obviously)  and your address will receive a bottle. Do comment too if you feel like it.

Ps My cat has fleas. We have tried everything, cat collars, spot on. I have resorted to getting them out with a nit comb. They are endless. Any tips?

Wednesday 13 October 2010

My niece and half sister mucking around at Granny's 100th birthday lunch.

My niece and half sister with photocopies of their faces
It was such a lovely day and Granny was so thrilled. The photograph above is my current favorite, because it's quirky and weird.  I thought I'd add the other two as well, as they are all from the same day, two weeks ago.

Me and Granny with her two cakes

My beautiful daughter - Belle in the stripes

Monday 11 October 2010


Wecan is a climate campaign group I am involved in and this is me a couple of years ago when we campaigned at Heathrow airport. The founder members were eight women, including me, who were all part of a reading group and  wanted to do something about stopping the proposed third runway. We all have children and are worried about their future on this planet. There is a one minute film competition that launched last year with the help of Wecan, and is launching again this year. Its called One Minute To Save The World.  I helped judge entries for the final short list last year, and the films were  brilliant, some simple, some weird, funny - anyone can enter, you don't have to be film maker.We had entries from children and primary schools, from amateurs and professionals.  Have a look at the website below.

Make a 1minute film on climate change and you could win £5000, laptops, Flipcams and the SONYNEXVG10 HD camcorder.  Winning films will be screened in front of world leaders at COP16 in Mexico and be part of an on-line campaign going out to millions of viewers, they will also go to International Film Festivals in 2011. 1 Minute To Save The World is an international competition, open to all ages and free to enter. Judges include award wining film director and climate activist Shekhar Kaphur, Passion Pictures, Ben Kott (Google Europe Environmental Operations) and the UK Copenhagen 4 (youth climate change activists). Competition deadline is 17th December (12th November for under 18 age group).
In partnership with Unicef, Passion Pictures, United Nations Development Program, APE (Artist Project Earth) and Sony.


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