Friday 9 September 2011

Science Festival

My ten year old son loves science and can talk eloquently about black holes and electricity, seeming to fully understand what he is saying. I am ashamed to say I am pants at science, and did extremely badly in biology GCSE. We had an inept but rather nice biology teacher and we run amok, when she was in the classroom. I remember one incident when we all ran out of the lab screaming, when she produced a rat or something to  dissect. 

The British Science Festival takes place in Bradford this year. Where is Bradford exactly?

Sadly we can't make it this year, but I urge anyone living anywhere near to go. It runs from  September 10th to September the 15th and will include workshops for kids including meeting birds of prey, to learning about stargazing and the solar system. If only Professor Brian Cox was going to be there I'd be sprinting up to learn about the stars.

There will be talks by Professor Robert Winston and Sir Ranulph Fiennes though and also the cast from BBC's Bang goes the Theory. Sounds fun and entertaining and I know my kids would love it.  

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