Sunday 15 January 2012

Watch this if you want to laugh

Every time I watch this video, of a little girl shouting her way through a nativity, I laugh. My children love it and my 7 year old makes us watch it all the time. It's absolutely brilliant. Watch it and see.

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Skating Makes me HAPPY

Skating is the one thing I love doing, that makes me feel like a child again. When I was young, I had regular skating lessons, at Queensway in London, and even learnt to skate backwards and dance.  A few years ago we started skating at Kew on the outdoor rink, and loved it all over again - first we would toddle around with the small children which was a little boring, and then me and my husband would return for a date on the rink, which was really fun. Kew no longer has a skating ring, but this year I've been skating twice, just to feel the thrill, and now my children dash around too without any help - my seven year old daughter is a real whizz in fact.
I've just returned from France where we skated on the outdoor rink in St Tropez. It was very cheap - 2 Euros for as long as you wanted to skate (officially meant to be an hour, but no one knew). It was surrounded by twinkling Christmas trees and fairy lights, lovely. However, the rink was run by a trio of maverick men, who admitted it was never cleaned and so it was easy to trip up on the mounds of ice that mounted up. Also there were gangs of teenagers playing "it" which was terrifying. The first time we skated I fell over twice.
Much safer and brilliant in this rainy weather is the indoor rink at Westfield, which closes this Sunday the 8th. It's reasonably priced and not too crowded. The rink is smallish, but the ice is beautifully smooth. We rushed around the rink and didn't feel scared once. Great Fun and well worth a visit.

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