Tuesday 1 November 2011

Two Tickets to Discover Dogs at Earls Court to Give Away.

The other day I saw a man treating his small white labrador, really badly -yanking it into the air by its lead - then making it stop and sit for no apparent reason -  the scene haunted me for 24 hours. I felt helpless and pathetic, particularly that I didn't say anything. He was a horrible aggressive man, and I was wary, sure that if I confronted him,  he would hit me or something.

Luckily most people in this country love their dogs or their cats. Personally I am a cat person, but I know most people are passionate about their dogs. 

So I am offering two adult tickets (Worth £11 each) for the Discover Dogs show at Earls  court on either 12th or the 13th November - (Under 12's go free). There will be over 200 types of pedigree dogs to look at and meet and lots more to do and see. The event is now in its 16th year and is the biggest dog event in London - they are expecting over 3,000 dogs.

Highlights will include the Scruffts Family Crossbreed of the Year competition and the Rescue Dog agility competition. There will also be hundreds of trade stands selling products for dogs and dog lovers, and opportunities for children to try out different dog sports in the Young Kennel Club ring. 

There will also be a series of seminars throughout the course of the two day event, covering topics such as dog training using the Tellington Touch technique, which recognises the link between posture and behaviour and uses techniques to release tension and promote a feeling of calm and well-being within dogs. TV vet Marc Abraham, will be talking about dogs in war, and Lance Workman, psychologist from Bath Spa University, will be talking about the psychological benefits of dog ownership.

To apply for tickets answer the question: What would you name your dog? And follow this blog. Competition closes Saturday 5th at 12noon.

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