Wednesday 16 December 2009

Tis the Season to Be Festive

I have been very busy being festive: Buying presents, hanging a wreath, and also making my own paper chains with the children which for one wonderful moment made me feel like a woman who knits her own socks and bakes her own bread. I have also spent a good deal of time searching desperately for costumes for various nativity plays and end of term drama productions. My son was bad santa and insisted on a black santa costume. I was just about to slog off for the dye, when somebody mentioned Poundland and yes, unbelievably they sold black santa hats! My daughter was a dancing cat yesterday, but on Friday at the after school drama production, she will be a duck. I haven’t got any further than buying a big yellow squashy envelope and deciding that she can wear her brown sleeveless shaggy jacket from I Love Gorgeous, because it kind of looks like duck feathers. If I was someone who baked bread, I would know how to make the yellow envelope into a beak, but I don’t bake and have no idea what to do next. For one awful moment in the middle of the night, I wasn’t even sure that ducks do have yellow beaks.

I’ve been buying presents here, there and everywhere, starting in November at the Victoria and Albert shop and finishing last night, when a lovely girl called Clara delivered some beautiful hand made bath bombs, made from natural ingredients. ref="">:// and presented in a stylish brown box with a silver ribbon. I’ve spent so much money that I now have the definite feeling that I couldn’t possibly buy anything for myself. For a long long time I’ve wanted a new vacuum cleaner. Mine is old and smelly and cumbersome and I somehow dread it. My husband would definitely have said keep it, so I planned to get a new one secretly.

The new one arrived in a box and I was confused because it was so light. It’s a thing of great beauty, like a piece of sculpture, and it makes my old Henry seem quite archaic. It has a battery that you charge up and then it races around, bagless and beautiful. Even my disgruntled cleaner agreed that it was divine. I feel like I’m living in 2025. ://"

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