Friday, 1 June 2012


My daughter, aged 8 stood up in the bath yesterday, skinny as a pin and declared that she was fat. Yes FAT. She said she needed to go on a diet. I was so shocked and saddened that I could only say NO. No please do not go on a diet, you don't need to. "You're skinny," I wailed.
"I'm not skinny like Christianna," she said.
"You're a sports girl.You run and jump and do gymnastics." 
"But my tummy is big."
"It isn't."

And so it went on me blaming skinny models, girls at school, anyone but myself. This morning, I realise with horror that she has probably picked up on this from ME. I am constantly on a diet, constantly remarking that I'm fat. I've been on the Dukan Diet for over a year; I weigh myself every morning. I have to stop sending out this message. 

On another note, I saw this deal which is to get three copies of Junior National Geographic for £4. Can't go wrong.


  1. I remember comparing my belly to my friend's belly when I was about eight years old, thinking that mine was much bigger than hers. The story ends here. I think this sort of behaviour is partly normal. Of course, there is too much pressure to be thin out there, and as mothers, we have to be careful what kind of statements we make regarding weight and healthy eating. Still, don't beat yourself up about it, I am sure she's fine and will be fine.
    And btw, really looking forward to meeting you at BritMums live! Deborah xx

  2. HI Deborah, yes look foward to meeting you too. ! xx


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