Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Cost of Children

This pinged into my inbox this morning, from an American early education website. I was particularly struck by the statistic that says %82 of those surveyed who don't have children want them and  the one that says you lose, on average, one and half close friends when you have young children. I'm not sure I lost close friends because of having kids, although it's true to say you do make new close friends, those friendships that strike up because you have children the same age. 91% say that having children under 10 wrecked their sex lives and %60 had a lot more sex after the kids left home. That's a long time to wait!!!!  I wonder how many of those surveyed blame the kids for their wrecked sex lives or would they would have lost interest anyway as the years rolled by?  Also I'm quite surprised that only %13 of pregnant and new mothers admitted to feeling depressed, that seems low. After all, new mothers are exhausted, perhaps overwhelmed, stuck at home, given up work, feeling hormonal and out of their depth.

My children are 8 and 11 now, and I feel as though we are out of the early childhood years, the endless sleepless nights and early mornings feel like one big blur.  I never really stop to think about how much two children are costing us, I know it's a substantial amount, and will increase as they get older. Anyway see what you think, and whether any of this resonates with you.

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