Friday, 8 July 2011

Author Interview

My novel, Seven Days One Summer has been out for 24 hours. Yesterday the official launch day, felt quite flat, it was raining and my husband was away. I had expected some kind of fanfare - Penguin sent me some flamboyant flowers for my last novel that came out in 2009, but not a squeak from Short Books. I went to Waterstones in Chiswick and found my latest novel in the 2 for 3 offers, displayed on a back table. I asked the nice woman behind the till if I could sign them and she was thrilled. I cheered up a bit and went home! Hoping and praying that someone will buy a copy!!

Lovely David from Paragraph Planet, did an author interview with me and here it is!


  1. Oh I'm sorry it all felt flat - that's such a shame for you! I know how exciting it is, though I have still to experience the published book rather than my own ebook. Still, you did some signing I'm sure that will have started the ball rolling with sales. I'll look out when I'm in waterstones and will buy a copy - goingbaway later in august!

  2. Oh Diney, thank you so much. I have been away in Cornwall at the Port Eliot Festival and then stayed on for a day or two. Just seen your post. Tell me more about your E Book.


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