Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Neom Organics for insomniacs

During my role as Beauty and Health writer for International Life, I discovered a brand that I really love and use: Neom Organics.  At Christmas, I gave my friends and family their reed diffusers for making rooms smell wonderful; they are ingenious and really stylish and produce three subtle smells, depending on which one you choose. All the products are organic, but also luxurious and beautifully packaged. Their bath oil and skin cream is sensational and  is perfect if you want to feel gorgeous and pampered. They have just come up with a new concept -  a box containing a candle, bath oil, body moisturizer and pillow spray to help people like me, who have trouble sleeping. Magic. I really like to know that I am covering my body with something that doesn't contain synthetic smells and toxic ingredients. 

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