Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas (Part 2)

Christmas is a time for dressing up in your BEST dress from I Love Gorgeous.

Getting together with your cousins and family- that's my son at the end of table.

Bonding best with your special  girl cousin

Having Christmas Lunch with the family. Last year we were in the South of France. It was sunny!
  Watching SANTA arriving in St Tropez harbour by boat. Funny he happened to be there, the year we stayed nearby.
And reflecting on the year past and the year ahead in a special place - mine is the The Abbaye de Thoronet, I've been three times - the first time on my honeymoon, the last time last Christmas.

This is my entry for the #O2GuruMagicofXmas Linky, sponsored by O2 GuruTV

1 comment:

  1. Love that dress. Lovely warm message about what matters at Christmas. Commenting for BritMums


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