Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Five Star Pampering Alternative to Botox

About a year ago, I looked in the mirror and saw an angry, tired, face staring back at me. I wasn't actually angry that particular morning, it was just the two lines between my eyes resembled a furious frown that made me look stern. I took the plunge, did a bit of research and booked botox with a trained doctor at a clinic. It was expensive, clinical and quick. The botox in my forehead felt tight and strange for at least six weeks. A couple of friends noticed that my face looked 'fresh' but I haven't been back. Maybe I will, but for a more gentle, approach I decided to try a brand new package, that has LITERALLY just hit the market.
The initial three hour package consists  of facial acupuncture, facial massage and nutritional advice from a pair of lovely ladies, who are working in tandem, just moments from where I live in West London.  They work in rooms above Kite Studios and the whole atmosphere is much less exhausting and trying than rushing to town, and waiting in a room filled with back copies of Tatler, Harpers and some wretched flowers trying to survive in a vase filled with not quite enough water. Star Gifford is an experienced acupuncturist who used to work at the Zita West Clinic, where she met Melanie Brown who was working there as  a nutritionist.  They both left Zita West to pursue independent careers and together they have come up with a unique pampering package to enliven your skin.
First you see Melanie for a nutritional talk, (She will give you a form to complete before you visit), she also gives you loads of notes with delicious recipes and wise suggestions on how to live well.  She advises on anti-ageing skin nutrition and the best supplements for you and all kicked
off with a fantastic skin restoring diet, (I have tried out both the recipes she gave me, and they were both delicious.) Next you go to see Star, who will address your face, with fine needles, that don't hurt at all. The atmosphere is gentle and soothing, restful and peaceful. The acupuncture session ends with Star rolling a jade roller across the skin which feels so soft and smooth its as if she is massaging your skin with the best oils money can buy. I was zonked after my session with Star and you get to keep the jade roller, to use when your skin is feeling puffy or tired.
Next Melanie gives the best facial massage I have ever experienced in my life. It literally takes your breath away and it feels as though it's definitely doing good, for the tired and/or stressed skin. She ends the treatment by giving you a little pot of bespoke facial oil, that she has made herself. Divine. I give this treatment 10 out of 10. My skin is literally dancing for joy!!!
Need to Know:
First appointment will be nutrition, acupuncture and massage of an hour each, which can be booked separately and the whole package is £170. Subsequent treatments of the massage and acupuncture  are 45 minutes, costing £45 each and can be booked together or separately.
Phone numbers for appointments Mel 07968 369 076,


  1. I'm sure you don't need this but I'm intrigued .... did it seem to work/ Would you recommend?

  2. Indeed, it sounds like you stumbled upon a great alternative to botox treatments. Nowadays, everyone wants to look younger, to not show their age. Botox Ottawa treatments are known to be very effective as anti-aging measures, but it's always a good thing to find other alternatives that do not involve needles.

  3. @dulwich divorcee - Yes I definitely recommend, though I would say you would need to keep it going - a one off wouldn't last for ever...

  4. Ah, so constant use is required. That does make sense... after all, for a person who needs a fit body, constant exercise and diet are required to maintain a level of health. Likewise, the pampering would be in a similar vein - with the added bonus of feeling relaxed!

    -Katie Hallison


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