Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Square, Bath

I want to warn people off a "designer clothes' shop in Bath called The Square, which sells absurdly expensive clothes. It's run by a really really difficult, and dishonest woman and her equally dysfunctional business partner. I did a reading there last December and sold 20 books through her till and for four months she used every excuse not to pay me for them, even though she knew I had to pay Penguin. I had paid £60 to get there and the books would have only covered my expenses. Finally after threatening legal action she sent a cheque, but only for 16 and backdated the cheque so as to make out she had never received the letter. This was after months of wrangling and her making up different stories and her business partner hanging up four times on my husband. She at one point sent a cheque written in the wrong name and for the wrong amount. At one point she said I had to pay her for using the till, even though she had never warned me.

Please if you read this, don't go there and warn everyone off it. A friend of mine who lives near Bath, said she once went in and this same woman was really rude to her.

I think in some karmic way, something, in some way, will get back to her. It has to.

I have never in my life had to deal with someone like this, and I have never written such a rude email as I just wrote now, after months and months of her screwing with my head.

Sorry to rant, but sometimes you just have to.


  1. How bizarre and ghastly. I am sorry for you. Remember it is her problem being so unfortunately mannerless and peculiar though, not yours.

  2. Wow...bet she regrets messing with you! For what it's worth, I wouldn't have let it go either and it's best to purge all that anger...

  3. Thank you Hodmandod for your wise words, any bits of wisdom are useful in a situation like this.

    And Mummeeeeeeee yes I think I purged the anger by writing my final email. She wrote back but I deleted! Hee hee

  4. I believe in 'what goes around comes around'. May it rain underneath her umbrella! ;)

  5. Hi there, thanks very much for becoming my follower. I enjoy your posts and look forward to checking out your book.

  6. I agree she is rude to say the least and I refuse to go in now.

  7. Really? Sorry this has taken so long to respond.

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