Friday, 1 May 2009

6 Days to go until the Seven Year Itch is published.

I feel so exposed and weird. Its the strangest thing to be putting myself on the line like this and publishing a book next week. The cover looks great, the book is good - funny candid and gripping. I know I'm not being modest, but if I don't build myself up I will wilt and hide. I think it's perfect for a fun and thought provoking summer read. It still makes me laugh and even cry when I read it through. My agent told me yesterday that in the current climate publishers are looking for celebrity biographies and feel good nostalgia. Apparently they are all fighting to get the story of that woman who has caused such a stir on Britain's Got Talent. You know the one, the middle aged woman with the hair! As he said more of an article rather than a book. And very depressing for writers like me. Exactly not what my work in progress - The Holiday, (the one I'm working on i about) is about. The Holiday is set in a villa in Italy and about a group of people who change their lives over the course of a week. It's tense, at times funny and a bit claustrophobic. I suppose its not exactly uplifting but gripping. But tell me is that what you are looking for in a good read. I'd be fascinated to know.


  1. I've had the great honour of reading it already thanks to an advance copy and my 48 hour sick bug. I LOVED it but feel a little sad by the end.. can you write a sequel with a happier ending?

    Great read though.. definitely buy it girls

    BM x

  2. I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Ooh I just love a good book. Can't wait to read yours. Never realy know what grabs me with a novel until I read it. My two favourite books are Life of Pi and Shantaram. Totally different, but amazing. Think I love Life of Pi because I got to the end really believing that it had happened when of course it hadn't - but the author wrote it in such a way that the impossible seemed easy. Shantaram was the sort of book that every now and then made me re-read a passage because I liked it so much and wanted to commit it to memory rather than just get to the end. I found it very thought-provoking... Good luck with the launch!

  4. Good luck with the launch.

    I like historical/period novels. Feel good. A little escapism. I need to be in the mood for something that makes me think, but when I do I read a whole string of them.



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