After months of having my old blog in Arabic, my husband has finally found out how to change it back to English. And I've started a whole new blog because my old one had a really complicated title and I never wrote on it. My son is always playing with my computer and I think he is the one who inadvertently changed it to Arabic and then I couldn't change it back because I couldn't read any of the instructions. And this went on and on and I was lazy about it as I write another blog for Easy Living Magazine, but the lovely people at Easy Living haven't posted our new blogs for a few weeks, as there are some changes afoot, so people are still having to read some boring old drivel I wrote in March about giving up things for lent or some other nonsense. I have just restarted an old habit of writing down five things I am grateful for every day. This is a great for someone like me who tends to get moany, groany and negative. However so far today I have only got Beautiful Day on my list. Lets think of some more: 4 More: Well my book, The Seven Year Itch, is coming out in about three weeks, so that's great, and the publishers have said that they will buy my next one if this sells well, so that's not so great. But it could be great if anyone goes out and buys a copy!!!


  1. I love the idea of thinking of things to be thankful for each day, can I cheat and say my three children as they have all made me smile today, finding a new blog to read and actually having time to read the paper.!

  2. Yes I don't think that is cheating at all. I am eternally grateful for my two. Life would seem so bland, and what would I do with all that spare time?

  3. Hmmmm. Reasons to be thankful. Ok. I am thankful that my neighbour didn't look up when I was prancing around my bedroom in my bra without realizing he was in his garden. It could quite possibly have scared the pants off him.

    And roll on 3 weeks. This is so exciting. :D

  4. Jo that is great, I put he would have been thrilled!

  5. Have tagged you and you MUST do it! go to my blog to see what to do xxx

  6. Will give your book a go i love a good read x x


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